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FlyBoy Sheepskin Pilot's Hat | Peach Sheepskin Fly-Boy Hat
Our Price CAD: $89.95

B3 Aviator Sheepskin Hat B3 Aviator Hat - Dark Brown
Our Price CAD: $89.95

B3 Bomber Sheepskin Hat B3 Aviator Hat - Black
Our Price CAD: $89.95

Pilot Sheepskin Hat Pilot's Hat - Antik
Our Price CAD: $89.95

Pilot Sheepskin Hat | Black Pilot's Hat - Black
Our Price CAD: $89.95

Shearling Sheepskin Russian Trooper Hat | SheepskinShop Shearling Trooper Hat
Our Price CAD: $89.95

About our Shearling Sheepskin Hats:
Our genuine shearling men's sheepskin hat collection offers both traditional styles as well as unique modern designs. We offer classic shearling trapper hats, Russian style 'ushanka' trooper hats, and bomber hats famously worn by aviator pilots of the 20th century.

As one of nature's most insulating fibres, the hollow wool fibres in our hats allows your head to "breath" and self regulate body temperature while providing a comfortable warmth. Air flows through the wool between your head and the shearling leather outer layers and wicks away moisture so that you never get too sweaty or over heated.

Canadians love our finest quality European made sheepskin hats. Available in many sizes and styles, shearling hats are suitable in the coldest of winter climates. Natural suede lambskin leather and wool can maintain warmth while remaining light weight and flexible to wear.