About our Kid's Sheepskin Footwear:
We offer shearling sheepskin footwear for babies, toddlers, and children. Adorable baby lambskin bootees are naturally soft with breathable merino wool so they can't overheat those little feet. These also come equipped with ankle-ties for added security and support. Toddlers and new walkers can wear our little tyke lambswool moccasin slippers from just before the age of 2. With sizing ranging all the way to size 1/2, these soft soled sheepskin moccasins are great for around the house with durable extra leather layering and can last for many years. Finally, our Kid's boots are tough and durable to keep children warm during their indestructible phase. Sized from toddler 11 - Child 4, there is something for any child between 4-10 year's old. Allow your kids to experience the same cozy and softness as you with the security that they are wearing one of nature's finest and most versatile renewable fibres.