About our Winter Sheepskin Jackets:
Shearling sheepskin jackets are a natural and traditional way to stay warm and toasty all winter. Our men's Sheepskin Jackets are made of double sided shearling sheepskin and fully lined with soft and thick merino wool. Durable nappa leather repels moisture while dense wool insulates against harsh winter conditions. Lambswool is one of nature's most insulating fibres which allows air to flow between the leather shell and your body, helping to regulate body temperature. Wearing sheepskin jackets will keep you dry and comfortable as the merino wool fibres wick away moisture and help to provide pleasant comfort all day long. Timelessly fashionable sheepskin B3 Bomber jackets were first worn by pilots of the second world war because of the extreme warmth that the jackets provide while operating planes without heated cockpits.