About our Sexto and Octo Pelt Sheepskin Rugs:
At SheepskinShop.ca we offer some of the softest and largest natural Sheepskin Rugs available in Canada, and at the lowest prices in the country. We sell exclusively New Zealand sheep hides as these are extra large and soft with thick plush merino wool. A natural lambskin rug is made from 100% pure shearling hide with the merino wool still attached to the suede leather backing. Our sheepskin pelts are strong enough to be machine washed and offer years of comfort and cozy softness.

These large sheepskin floor rugs are most commonly used for decorating your living space. This is because of the lambskin's natural softness and simple beauty as well as it's versatility and usability. These shearling rugs are most widely used in a living room, or placed at the foot of the bed. They help to create an ambient fire-side display, or be used as a full length stretching pad or a yoga mat.

We have many colours to choose from, so browse here for your next sexto sized genuine sheepskin.