About our Sheepskin Slippers:
Discover the natural warmth and comfort of genuine shearling sheepskin slippers. Sheepskin hide is a soft and breathable suede that is only used for certain clothing articles, and sheepskin slippers are historically the most popular of these items. For over 50 years people have been discovering the benefits of using lambskin for crafting cozy shearling slippers. The combination of insulating wool and breathable suede is ideal for household slippers.

There is no part of your body located farther away from your heart than your feet and toes and reduced blood circulation is very common in these extremities. We have found that sheep's wool is one of nature's best insulating fibres to ease this hindrance. Encasing your feet with pure merino wool protects your feet and toes and brings instant pleasure and warmth. Lofty merino is a hollow wool fibre which can absorb moisture without feeling damp. This creates a dry environment where bacteria cannot thrive and comfort reigns. Pure sheep's wool also wicks away moisture and prevents clamminess, leaving your feet and ankles dry and content. Our merino lambswool men's and ladies slippers provide soft and breathable comfort while the natural lanolin soothes your skin.

Made from Australian and New Zealand sheepskins, our slipper collection offers traditional and modern styles built for indoor or outdoor use. Whatever sheepskin slipper you are searching for, you can likely find it here at the SheepskinShop!