About our Sheepskin Rugs:
We are pleased to offer some of the largest & softest genuine Sheepskin Rugs available in Canada. For more than 35 years our family has sourced the highest quality sheepskin hides to import directly to our warehouse in Vancouver, and we are pleased to offer our collection of the finest New Zealand shearling pelts available. From here in British Columbia we are perfectly situated to import & distribute our products across Canada. With no added duties and fast domestic shipping, there is no reason to shop for your sheepskin rug products anywhere else.

Genuine Sheepskin Rugs are the perfect product to decorate your home or cabin as they instantly add a natural element of warmth and tradition. Soften and beautify your space with a sheepskin rug draped over your living room chair or couch, or placed on the floor beside your bed or fireplace.

With simple care and proper cleaning these New Zealand sourced lambskins can last a lifetime. Durable leather backing makes these sheepskin rugs machine washable.

As a wholly natural product, every shearling rug is unique unto itself and can never be exactly replicated or duplicated. Each hide brings this one-of-a-kind elegance and comfort to your home, work space, or cabin. There's is nothing quite like a genuine wool pelt for cozy and graceful ambience. Only pure new wool fibres offer warm insulating comfort with the soft suede underside for natural durability.

When shopping and comparing sheepskin rugs there are a variety of factors to consider. You can identify a premium sheepskin rug from lower-grade options by noticing the varieties of wool, leather, and craftsmanship available. Here are some attributes that you should look for in your sheepskin rug:
Density: the first determining factor is the most important because it is what we touch and feel, and that is the wool density. This refers to the number of wool fibres per square inch. Australian & New Zealand sheepskins consistently have the world's highest wool density because they have been selectively bred for their wool quality for over 200 years.
Loft: as a hollow fibre the "loft" of the wool represents the ability to stay straight and upright. Wool without a high Loft can get matted and become tangled and messy in appearance.
Length: wool length is another trait which is quickly noticeable. A high quality sheepskin should have a wool length of at least 2 inches (50mm), but preferably closer to 3 inches (75mm). Often a contributing but uncontrollable factor is the time of year and season that your sheepskin hide was produced.
Colour: the colour of the wool fleece as well as the suede underside of a lambskin is appealing for aesthetic reasons, but it also indicates the quality of tanning and processing of the sheepskin. Consistent colouring with no imperfections or shading are considered favourable traits to watch for.
Touch: a silky smooth touch and feel is another instant indicator of a quality sheepskin pelt. Our sheepskins have luscious soft wool with extra cushioning that you will love to crinkle your toes into each morning.
Leather: the leather backing of a lambswool rug should also be taken into consideration. A smooth suede finish should be soft and supple when the hide is new. A dry or firm leather backing is a sign of inferior quality that you won't find on our products. It can also be a sign of a well-aged high quality sheepskin pelt that has not been properly maintained over the years. Although our sheepskin hides are machine washable and durable enough to withstand such treatment, washing any genuine hide will dry out some of the natural oils in the leather and the lanolin in the wool fur. Sheepskin rugs are no exception. We don't recommend frequent washing of decor rugs. Like a pair of blue jeans, a sheepskin rug can age nicely over time. This is why we suggest a wire bristled brush for care and cleaning of lambskins and spot cleaning when necessary.
Size & Shape: is the final characteristic of lambskin pelts which is obvious to the eye. High quality sheepskins are usually large sheepskins. This is because the largest sheep usually provide the thickest leathers and wool fibres. Industry standards for a premier sheepskin rug is anything over 95cm, while lower grade options range from 80-90cm in length. However, a "full" shape is also important. A shearling rug should be naturally rounded and in the shape of the animal. Our sheepskin rugs are naturally shaped and have an unshorn wool length of approximately 2-3 inches (65mm).

We offer the largest and softest genuine Sheepskin Rugs on the market, and at the best prices for Canadian shoppers. Our decor lambskin rugs are 100% pure New Zealand sheepskin pelts. Fully machine washable and with many sizes and colours to choose from; add the warmth and comfort of a Sheepskin Rug to your home today.