About Wool Bedding Products:
Sleep with Merino Wool for improved comfort & health! Our wool bedding products are made with naturally insulating high loft Australian Wool pile. Studies show that sleeping with wool lowers your resting heart rate while decreasing sleep disturbances and increasing the duration of highly beneficial REM sleep.

Merino wool is remarkably comfortable in all 4 seasons due to it's naturally temperature regulating qualities. Hollow wool fibres help to wick away moisture and increase dry comfort on summer nights while insulating against the cold through the winter months.

The breathable fibres that help to maintain your body temperature is also naturally mold and mildew resistant. Wool quickly absorbs and wicks away sweat and other moisture to maintain a dry environment. Wool filled Comforters and Mattress Overlays are extra soft & comfortable making for a peaceful and restful night's sleep.