About our Sheepskin Seat Covers:
We offer a selection of popular sheepskin car seat covers and shearling auto accessories made from Australian sheepskin.

We use Australian sheep pelts for our Auto collection due to the extra high density of merino wool fibres. This helps to reduce matting and allows for maximum breathability and all-season comfort. Sheepskin car seat covers promise to keep you warm in the winter and cool through the summer. They are also a great way to protect your original upholstery from spills, dogs, and general wear & tear.

Our Car Seat Covers are all made from 100% genuine Australian Sheepskin. Car and truck seats have changed and developed a lot in the last decade, but we have adapted and we are pleased to offer some newly developed universally fitting styles as well as the classic full wrap-around covers. Custom work is also available; contact us with your questions about the right seat cover for your vehicle.