About our Medical Sheepskin:
Medical sheepskin products offer natural relief from pressure points and help to reduce the development of bed sores. They are recommended for anyone suffering from inflamed pressure points, bed sores, aches, or pains.

The traditional comfort of plush merino wool is instantly recognizable to the touch, although the medical benefits can seem hidden at first. The most beneficial feature of lying on a medical sheepskin pad is the breathability of the wool fibres. Wool is a hollow spring fibre which can support human body weight while promoting air flow at the same time. The breathability of our merino lambswool wicks away moisture from body heat and helps to keep a dry & cool environment where bacteria are unable to grow and thrive.

Our medical grade Australian sheepskin fleece is a pelt of twin-faced shearling which consists of merino wool on the top and strong leather backing. These sheep hides are carefully selected from select breeds of Australian sheep known for having the highest wool density with the strongest fibres. After cleaning, tanning, and processing the pelts, we then clip the wool to a uniform length of 30mm (1.25"). Shearing the wool to this length helps to reduce any matting of the wool - as these sheepskins are intended to be used as bed pads and wheelchair pads and are not designed as décor products.

Australian medical lambskin products are 100% pure sheep pelts. They are flame-retardant, hypo-allergenic, naturally insulating, machine washable, and long lasting.
Available in many sizes, our medical sheepskin rugs are most commonly used bed pads or wheelchair inserts. They are also used as a mattress topper or as a chair seat cover. The medical lambskin chair pads are easily transportable and also work very well as a lower back support. Medical shearling pads can be used as a throw on a sofa, recliner, or as a yoga mat.

Bed Sores are most likely to develop at pressure points on the body because blood flow can commonly get restricted at these areas. Dispersing this pressure by distributing body weight across breathable wool fibres to the surrounding areas will help to keep blood flowing even when a patient is confined to a bed or wheelchair for extended periods of time. The most common trouble spots where patients experience these sores are the heel, elbows, tailbone, hips, and shoulder blades.