*Sold as Singles. Order 2 for a matched pair. 

• 100% Genuine Shearling
• Australian sheepskin & wool
• Fits any vehicle with removable headrests

• Cotton backing to protect original upholstery
• Quick and easy installation
Length: 52" (132cm) Width: 14" (35cm)
• Wool pile ~ 3/4" (18mm)
• *Headrests must be removeable

Vest Car Seat Cover

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Paul Arthorne
Literally saved my butt

I have heard of using sheepskin covers for hot weather but was skeptical. I am no longer. This thing saved me from roasting alive in my 50 year old car with no A/C and a black interior on a recent trip where temps reach 36 degrees. My back still sweated but didn't feel sticky and soaked like I would be on the stock vinyl seats. Its also far more comfortable to sit on and even after an overall trip of 5800km, I didn't have any numb spots like I usually do after a long drive. Its excellent quality with a thick padded backing in addition to the hide itself.

Can't wait to throw it on our family car for the winter.

John Pearson
Very comfortable seat!

Fits our older Rav 4 seat very well. No seat heater on this older model. Was hoping for warmer seat in this cold weather. Once the wool warms up it’s nice!

Vest car seat cover

I’m loving the seat cover, haven’t had to turn on my seat heater yet this winter. It’s a much higher quality cover than I expected, with the suede padded backing. It’s thicker than I expected, so it has to be positioned just right, otherwise it feels a bit like you’re falling off the side of it, as it doesn’t come out to the edges of the seat. It does stay in place very well though, and it has a nice dense pile, so I feel like it will last a long time. Thanks for making such a great quality product!

Blair Haverstock
Warm for winter

I drive an older Tacoma with non heated leather seats and it was quite unpleasant last winter in Saskatchewan. I haven't installed it yet but will soon. My daughter loves hers in an even older vintage Tacoma.

Terry f
Quick delivery

Received the 2 vests very fast, now just need to install them with grommets,any suggestions on grommets? I’m thinking it may be best to mark the headrest posts then visit a upholstery shop for the best results.(?). Thx TF