*Sold as Singles Order 2 for a matched pair

• 100% Genuine Sheepskin
• Australian shearling sheepskin & wool
• Natural suede backing

• Fits standard seat belts (1.8" - 2")
• Velcro strip for easy installation
Product dimensions: 11" x 7"

Seat Belt Strap Cover

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Strangely calming

I ordered the seatbelt covers because I was tired of having strap marks on my clothes and my neck. I bought the black ones, they are so soft! I didn’t know that they would be so comfortable and cozy in any weather.

Alice Brock
Thick. Fluffy. Soft. Feels good.

I ordered two Seat Belt Strap Covers for the front seats because my husband has a new pacemaker. Over the years, Husband has given up on a wool steering wheel cover, a sheepskin rug, and a wool mattress pad. But he likes these Seat Belt Strap Covers a lot, and so do I. They’re so soft and furry and thick that it's like having a cat to stroke while you are rolling along the road. In fact, I call them our cats. “Time to put on our cats,” I’ll say, tongue in cheek. The only problem is sometimes when I am driving, I’ll tilt my head to rub my cheek on my cat and forget to keep my eye on the road. That’s when cats can be dangerous. Watch out!

Stephen Lehman
Oh so soft

My wife loves the strap cover, and we will probably be ordering more.

Paul Michetti
Seat Belt Strap Cover

Easy to put on. It is very comfortable on the neck. Just have to get used to the seat belt not retracting as it would without the strap cover.

Mary Buba

They are the best I have ever bought 🤗.